Vocal and singing How to learn to sing high notes
High notes can be difficult for beginner vocalists, and more so for those who did not sing in the choir during their childhood. You can learn to sing them correctly…

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Natalia Skvortsova, “Living People”: “The most interesting thing in jazz is happening now!”
Famous among lovers of contemporary author jazz, the group "Living People" (or Live People) is already releasing its fourth studio album of copyright material. Team leader, pianist and composer Natalya…

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First of all, you need to be silent as much as possible and take the medications that your doctor will prescribe. Even simple conversations during recovery will have to be…

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Music of my life

As a child, I was as skeptical about music and, in principle, did not listen to it. I did not understand why people are so dragged by this type of art. I did not understand the beauty of music, I did not catch the thrill of listening to which everyone around me spoke. That was before one day my mother turned on the AC / DC song “She’s Got Balls” for me. I really liked her. I realized that here it is, that genre of music that I am ready to listen to. After that I listened to the entire album, all of their discography and just got hooked on rock.

Now I write music, sing, play instruments. I can be easily found by the pseudonym Silently Mad, which, as it seems to me, 100% describes my state of mind. I can’t call myself a real musician, because I still think that a musician is a profession and that I don’t have enough practice. I try to develop my creative potential to the maximum and constantly master something new in the field of media in order to get closer to a professional level. Now, for example, I am additionally engaged in vocals with a teacher, improving my skill. At some point, I felt that I needed the advice of a professional who could help with the correct voice setting.

Interest in music in my case, perhaps, can be initially associated with the desire to become famous. In truth, I am a rather vain person with great ambitions. It is extremely important for me to somehow express myself, to bring something new to this world, maybe even change it. And I decided to do this through music, because it really is able to penetrate the consciousness of people and make some changes.

The first Martinez guitar, red, was presented to me when I was 12 years old. He learned to play himself, did not go to any music school. At first I tried to play my favorite songs, and when I started to get it, it was the greatest happiness. Then I bought a synthesizer, I own it at a basic level and use it when recording songs. To summarize this way, I can play the guitar, synthesizer, drums and bass.

At first I wrote only old-school music, because before I only listened to old-school rock, such groups as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. Each year, of course, writing was getting better and better. Now I am already mastering such genres as pop rock, alternative rock, using elements of the old school and experimental. It seems to me that what I am writing now is somewhat similar to the work of groups such as Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, maybe, in part, Kaleo. In general, I try to combine old school and more pop music, which is now wildly popular. My goal is to write in different genres to reach the widest possible audience.

Now for me, music is central to life. Therefore, since January, I transferred from oriental studies to a media player. I studied Japanese in the East, which I also liked, but the love of music and the desire to turn it from a hobby into something more won. I understand that I was not mistaken. I easily combine study and music. For example, we have sound recording pairs. So even within the walls of HSE, I and music are inseparable.

All my relatives and friends see how important this is for me, and support me, for which I am very grateful, it is important to me. Basically, if I start talking about something, then this is music, and everyone knows and loves me.

I have already performed in bars, and even at school at concerts, and at HSE, and at the station, and just in the transition. Of course, I do not plan to dwell on this. He played both alone and with school friends. It was a good experience, but now I do not practice it. Actively engaged in vocals, preparing for upcoming performances. YouTube, SoundCloud – I also plan to cover all this. Plans to open your own site. I hope you will hear about me in the coming months.

Music for me is the number one thing without which I cannot live a single day. Of course, I do not forget about the family and loved ones. But we all know that it is very important for a person to find his vocation. And for me it’s music. Now I am determined to achieve success in this direction and am ready to do everything for this. My story sounds very strange, because before I did not like music at all, one might even say, I hated it. Now I take it in a completely different way. I will never forget how for the first time I was able to play AC / DC’s “Hells Bells” song cleanly and without errors on my guitar.

In general, as the frontman and vocalist of the band Imagine Dragons “Your voice should measure your body and skin” said, what I’m trying to do is to merge with the music, it’s better to feel it. I’m still looking for the perfect sound, improving myself, but I have already developed my own style and will develop it.

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